Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Thomas the Train and Richard Nixon

Last week (while Jeff was still here) we had the opportunity to go to the Nixon library to see their Christmas train exhibit. I know, every time you think of Richard Nixon TRAINS are the first thing that comes to mind. For whatever reason, probably because it brings in visitors and makes money, the Nixon Library does a big train display every year. They have one massive Lego train exhibit, designed and built by a local lego club, as well as a separate exhibit featuring four different displays of regular electric trains, one of which featured (current favorites) Thomas and James. Tommy was absolutely fascinated by all the trains, and Nic was interested enough. They also have a presidential helicopter on display, tours of the house that Nixon was born in, and of course an exhibit on the Nixon presidency. The boys really liked the helicopter, tolerated the house, and were not at all interested in the actual exhibits except for the big computer touch screens in the new Watergate display. I was surprised that they lasted as long as they did....I barely made it!

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