Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Birdhouse of Perpetual Paint

My boys aren't particularly "crafty." It may be a little early to tell with Nic, but thus far his interest in the "arts" has been minimal (music aside). Tommy enjoys doing a craft from time to time, but his patience with them is short-lived, and he almost never initiates craft-like activities. He will occasionally color or pull out the play dough, but honestly, he would rather play cars. And them some more cars. And then trains. And then construction.

However, there is one craft that manages to keep Tommy's interest, for reasons I do not understand. He has this little wooden birdhouse that he likes to paint, and then re-paint, and then paint again. I'm happy to let him do this until his paint runs dry. I would much rather store one wooden birdhouse than a collection of projects that he didn't spend much time on. Really, his love of re-painting is ideal.

Today I thought we might do a bit of finger painting, which I used to LOVE when I was Tommy's age. He hadn't tried it before. He thought it was fine, but soon grew bored and begged to paint his birdhouse instead. Nic was not a fan of finger painting. I think it might have been too messy for him (this is a child who loves napkins like no other). Maybe when he's older...

And as an added bonus, some pictures of our trip to the zoo yesterday. The weather has been so nice we decided to play hooky from our usual indoor activities and spend some time getting some fresh air. Below are some pictures of Tommy doctoring a Wolf at the children's zoo.

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