Monday, 21 November 2011

Wishing For Naptime

Blogging has become a bit harder now that a certain someone has stopped napping most days. We are working on establishing a "quiet time" and have more success on some days than others. The hard thing is that Nic and Tommy share a room, so there really isn't a spot where Tommy can play quietly without waking Nic up, as Nic is a fairly light sleeper. We do have a nice living room where Tommy could play by himself, but he is not keen on playing by himself because I'm around. This also has made getting just about everything else done much much harder. Hence, by the end of last week our apartment was a wreck, and we had our very last post-placement visit this morning, so we spent the weekend scrambling to get everything cleaned up, which was made more complicated by both Jeff and me feeling under the weather (Jeff has a cough, I have a growing baby).

However, we have now finished our final post-placement visit! Woohoo! We actually love our social worker (whose impending retirement makes us sad), and are always happy to see her, but I am not sorry to be done with all of the paperwork, visits, DCFS forms, etc. I went and applied for Nic's social security card last Friday, and got Tommy's updated at the same time. This means I am totally and completely done with all of Tommy's adoption related paperwork. SCORE! For Nic, all we have to do now is get his COC and then update his social security status to citizen. I want to get all of that taken care of soon, which means just a little more paperwork in my near future. The only other thing I need to do is get Nic evaluated for language delay because our social worker thinks he should be talking more (he rarely talks and gets what he wants by signing or going to get it himself). I called early intervention and left a message, but I'm not sure if I will need a referral from our doctor or not (we did for Tommy), and I don't know if our doctor will give me one because I talked with her about his language development just two weeks ago and she was not concerned. I am totally ambivalent about the evaluation. I am absolutely happy to have it done because honestly it requires very little effort on my part, but I also remember that when we had Tommy evaluated when he was about a month older than Nic is now, Tommy didn't qualify for services and his vocabulary was only a word or two bigger than Nic's.

Nothing interesting on the baby front. I am getting bigger, so everyday I have fewer and fewer clothes that fit. I'm not sure how much longer I will be able to zip my winter coat. I'm still more tired than usual and always hungry, but despite constant eating I only gained a pound last month. My OB isn't worried because I packed on enough pounds in the first trimester to make up for not gaining much in the last month, so I'm still in the normal range. However, she did say that I could consider increasing my calories, which is exactly what one wants to hear right before Thanksgiving. Seriously, there is no better time to be "eating for two" than the holidays. I just hope she doesn't take that back at my next appointment, right before Christmas!


Sweet Apron said...

Ooooh, I hear you on the nap front. I will say that the Leapster (w/ sound turned off) is a wonderful thing. It buys me a few minutes of sanity and sometimes I can doze quickly on the couch with Charlie next to me playing his Leapster.

Good news about extra food! I will live vicariously through you this Thanksgiving. Turducken, anyone?

mary said...

Sorry about the naptime ending but I will say that the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree :)
What about putting Nic in a playpen in your room for nap and Tommy in his room for quiet time?
We love you and will miss you at Thanksgiving but what a nice gift, to eat more, for the holidays.
Love you,

Carrie said...

Just a did a big catch up on several of your most recent posts. Miss you so! The boys look so handsome! Mine are not talking either. Manny does more immitating and signs more and milk. But JoJo just sings. Still no consonant sounds. We'll be praying extra hard between now and December 7.