Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Why Oh Why Must Children Catch Colds?

This morning I woke up to find Nic covered in snot. Gross. Thus, we had to skip our regularly planned activities and stay home. Thankfully we have all survived the ordeal, and by ordeal I mean long period where Tommy has only limited social interaction and is thus climbing the walls. Tommy just has too much energy for 850 square feet to contain (and it was cold, damp, and drizzly outside, so the side yard was not an option).

I remember Tommy's first winter home he had a cold practically every week, and it looks like it is going to be the same way with Nic. I thought that since Nic doesn't suck his fingers, thus avoiding putting every germ in the world straight into his mouth, that he might not get sick as much. The green snot says otherwise.

On the plus side, since I wasn't exhausted from taking the boys out I managed to clean up two and a half rooms of our house. Nicolas really isn't acting that sick, he's just coughing and snotting, so he had a fine day playing and running around attempting to throw anything he can find into the trash. Tommy used up some of his excess energy helping me vacuum, putting away books, baking snickerdoodles, and making lotion. It was nice to get all that done, but I'm thinking Nic might have to endure some pouch time (aka quasi-quarantine) so that Tommy can go to the library for at least a little bit tomorrow.

In pregnancy news I got the results from my blood tests and everything was normal (it was with Leah too). Still, it's better than not normal. Other than that I am just waiting and waiting and waiting for the next ultrasound, which is coming up next week on Tuesday afternoon. I'm a bit nervous about it, but (as is the plan) trying not to think about it.

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Jess said...

At least Nic puts things into the garbage can. Moyz eats from the garbage can. Disgusting.