Monday, 14 November 2011

Bits and Pieces

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend Together For Adoption Chicago. It was such a neat experience. I finally got to meet a fellow Uganda mama/long-time internet friend, listen to some great speakers, and think more deeply about the theology of adoption. It was a very encouraging and refreshing experience and just what I needed.

I've been feeling a bit bogged down by the pregnancy in the last few days. I've been a bit tired this week and have needed a few naps, which irritates me because I get behind with things like the dishes, and when you have only a tiny sink and four people getting behind on dishes can get ugly very quickly. Also, with the next ultrasound coming up on Tuesday I'm starting to get a little nervous and unsettled. This happened right before our last ultrasound too, so perhaps this is just the new normal.

One thing that I'm really happy about is our new specialist, Dr. M. During the period when I knew I was pregnant but was still pretending otherwise I decided to switch OB/Specialists because my old ones were about an hour (without traffic) away. We debated the change, because we felt like we had finally reached a good place with our old specialists and were not looking forward to having to re-explain ourselves to new doctors. However, once I started thinking about how many appointments we would have, combined with the drive and needing to find someone to watch the boys for each appointment, I realized it was simply not practical to stay with our old group, so we switched. Now, this is where we really feel God's hand on all of this- when we went in and met with our new specialist, we found out that he is from our old group! He wasn't one of the doctors we worked with (he left them before our last pregnancy), but he worked with most of the doctors we saw, including the one who handled our delivery. In addition, his nurse still works with them a few days a week, which allowed her to get my file (despite some red tape) in time for our appointment. When we met with Dr. M he had been through our file, and already understood that we would be continuing our pregnancy regardless of the baby's diagnosis. We didn't have to do any explaining at all. It was amazing. We left the appointment feeling really supported. Dr. M works differently than our old specialists, in that he is really just a consultant and will not handle any of my routine prenatal care or my delivery. However, I will see him for all of my scans and he will advise my regular OB.

And now, on a totally different subject, how cute are these football players? We had some very mild weather this weekend, and the boys got to play outside quite a bit with Daddy. They all had a ball...

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