Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Happy Halloween

I happen to think that the best part of Halloween is confiscating and eating all the kid's candy, but before I can do that I have to work for it! The boys and I went trick or treating with C and his mom, Susan. C's favorite movie is Nacho Libre, so he went as Nacho, and Tommy went as his wrestling partner, "Uganda Thunda." The proper term for this costume is "luchador" but every time I tried to explain that Tommy was going as a luchador I ended up having to say, "you know, a Mexican wrestler." Nicolas went as a duck, and surprisingly I also had to explain his costume because people seemed to think he looked like Big Bird.

True to form, it was difficult to get Tommy into costume. He ended up refusing to wear his cape, but he was very excited about the rest of the costume, particularly wearing a pair of underwear outside of his pants. He now thinks that wearing underwear outside of one's clothing is the mark of a super hero, and I may have found him wandering around the house earlier today with a pair of my underwear over his cargo pants. Yikes.

The closest he got to his cape all night

One adorable little duckling

My favorite picture of the boys - notice C's expression and the positioning of Tommy's boot.

Still getting stepped on, but at least he's smiling about it.


Heather said...

I think C has the cutest costume ever!

Delia said...


mary said...

LOL. Nic is a cute duck too!

Sweet Apron said...

It was fun!! Good memories. Nic is the most discriminating candy picker ever. They were all so cute. Let's not forget watering trees and the dog in a dickie. Your neighbor set the tone for Charlie's greed when he told him to take "as much as he wanted". :)

Tom said...

Nic did look like Big Bird

Chelsea Lee said...

Those kiddos are adorable. And nic is the sweetest duckling ever!