Thursday, 20 October 2011

Together Again

Well, the whole family is back together (in IL) and we have been for about a week now. We had a great trip, but it sure is great to all be under one roof once more. On Saturday we had a family fun day. It started with breakfast in bed for me...which might have been more fun for me than Jeff, but it was a belated birthday treat. This meant it was "guys' breakfast" and the little boys think that is very cool. They basically love anything that we label with the word "guys" and Tommy is always begging me to leave so they can have a "guys' night." The wonder of guys' night is that Jeff makes boxed macaroni and cheese. That's it. Well, and sometimes they play Wii. However, the main draw is the Mac, I'm sorry to say, and it's siren song is so alluring that Tommy is always excited to find out that I am going to book club or out with my friends. End tangent.

So, family fun day. In the afternoon Tommy asked if we could go to the zoo. We had a couple of hours before it closed, and it wasn't too cold out, so we decided to go for it. When we got to the zoo at 3:30 we found out that they were closing at 6 then reopening at 6:30 for a special Halloween Event. The play zoo would be open, and it seemed like a fun idea, so we decided to stay out late as a special treat. We had a great time at the zoo - it was great fun to have Jeff with us since we usually go during the week days. The Halloween event was interesting. Since it's the zoo I was expecting it to be a little more family-friendly and a little less scary than it ended up being. Thankfully Nicolas is too young to understand any of it, and Tommy is still at an age where we can sort of convince him that things aren't scary (even if they are). It was awfully cute when Tommy heard me call something "too spooky" and then for the rest of the night described anything he didn't like as "a sMooky." We spent a lot of time saying things like, "Wow, that zookeeper sure looks weird," with "weird" being a euphemism for "like a bleeding zombie" or "accident victim" or "Chainsaw murderer." We won't be going next year. The corn maze (sidenote: wouldn't it be so much funnier if it were called "Maize maze."?) was a big hit with Tommy, and not scary at all, and we took a very long time going through that because he wanted to try out every single option (the right ones were rather obvious since it was a rather lame maze). The play zoo was also fine, so we played there for quite some time. It was a big treat to be there after dark and with Daddy. But mostly, it was just great to be together.

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