Saturday, 8 October 2011

Bippity Bop Barbershop

So, true confession: a few days into my lingering illness I rallied and went to IN-N-OUT with my parents and the boys (that's not the confession as a burger and milkshake are known curatives). The boys were not looking their best. They hadn't had their hair picked out in a few days (we strive for a good comb out every night before bed, and touch ups in the morning with when possible). Also, they were due for a hair cut, although I personally like their hair longer. All that to say, they looked a bit unkempt. At least they weren't ashy.

After we left the restaurant and went to our car a man pulled my mom aside and asked if the boys were adopted or foster...and then let her know where she could take them to get their hair cut properly. Yes, it was embarrassing. Now, he was super polite and kind about it and not at all judgmental, but this is something that white mamas raising black children dread happening to them. I work so hard for it not to happen to me (with the exception of letting my kid's hair get too long because I really really like it long). Thankfully, the man followed his advice up with the following, "I was watching you eat together and I started to tear up because I was thinking, "Now that is a d@mn good white family." So, at least I know he wasn't mad at us.

In order to avoid further embarrassment, Nic got his first trip to the barbershop. I had a small miscommunication with the barber and both boys ended up almost bald. They also both hated it. They both screamed and cried the entire time and had to be held down. Fun times.

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Beth Sykes said...

they are so cute with their new dos! Don't feel bad though. My boy has the cruddy mixed hair... chunks of curl from his dad and chunks of my "white people hair".
Yesterday he at 7 y/0 declared to me "only black people can cut my hair right. Don't let any more white people do it" after having a white person cut his hair the previous weekend. It only gets more funn and you are doing a great job!