Monday, 10 October 2011

A Quick Trip

Earlier last week the boys, my mom, and I drove up to Visalia to visit our friends the Nickells and the Chandlers. The Chandlers live in the country and have a nice piece of property where the Nickell boys and Tommy roamed wild. Tommy had the greatest time running up and down the hill in their backyard and enjoying some freedom. Tagging along after the "big boys" brought him a lot of joy. Nicolas enjoyed getting lots of attention and care from Natalie, who is just a little younger than Tommy but who preferred playing mommy to Nicolas rather than chasing all the boys. She followed him around the house as he pushed a little stroller, carefully adjusting it for him every time it got stuck. It was so sweet.

In the afternoon we went to visit a nearby lake. It is man-made and used for flood control and irrigation, so since it is the end of the summer it was very very low. That happened to make it even more fun though, since it meant lots and lots of mud!

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