Monday, 21 June 2010

The Real Reason None of Us Sleep at Night

It was late. Jeff and I were finally getting to bed. We prayed together, turned out the light, and then Jeff says something extremely random. I understood where it came from, because it connected to a conversation we had had in the mid-afternoon, but, nevertheless I mentioned that it was kind of a weird thing to say and asked why on earth he had said it.
He then launched in to a stream of consciousness explanation that took a number of turns before it ended with his original comment. And it was funny. Really funny. So I start laughing, perhaps a bit too hard and too loud. When I finish, we hear a little whine. Then, it grew a bit louder. Finally, a full-on wailing scream.
Perhaps this whole not sleeping that well thing is more my fault than Tommy's. Perhaps.

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mary said...

Yah, keep it down!