Thursday, 3 June 2010

Memorial Day

We had a big weekend!

Friday night we took Tommy to the car show in the next town over. It was interesting. I expected something a bit different- more old cars, fewer 1990s Mustangs, but whatever. Tommy had a blast looking at all the cars and motorcycles. He also enjoyed watching the big kids dance to the live music. He attempted a few moves, but then got shy. Maybe another time.

On Saturday we found a big-boy bed for Tommy. We got it at a garage sale, and it required some minor repairs, so we ended up spending all of Saturday fixing it, putting away T's crib, completely rearranging his room, and setting up the bed. He is thrilled with his new bed. We have had a few issues with him getting out to play instead of sleeping, but he has slept in it very well so far. He is still waking up some in the night, but it is so much easier to take care of him when it doesn't involve heaving him in and out of the crib. My back is thankful.

Sunday T had some green snot/a bit of coughing, so he had to stay home from church with Dad. Thanks to all that rest he was raring to go after naptime, so we went to the Arboretum, which was new to Jeff. We played in the children's garden for about half an hour, until close, and then went and had a picnic under the trees, and took a walk around the pond.

Monday we worked around the house in the morning. It may have been a holiday, but it was still laundry day. We had a few hours of crazy crazy thunderstorms, then Tommy and I went for a picnic at Dave and Julie's, and Jeff went into the city to see a concert of a band he likes at Milleneum Park. It turned out to be a good thing that Tommy and I didn't go, because Jeff got a very good seat and said it was quite loud. Tommy spent the entire party searching for an audience- and running back and forth to find "all the people" and the "big kids" and, of course, his doggy friends. He played basketball, had a wheelbarrow ride, went on the porch swing, and got to sit on a motor scooter (which he thinks is a motorcycle) and honk the horn. All of that adds up to a good day in Tommy world.