Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The "Birthday" of our Family

It's been one year since we met Tommy. I can't believe how quickly time has flown by.

That was quite a day- we were tired from thirty hours of traveling and adjusting to a new time zone, a little nervous about connecting with our little man, but mostly, entirely thrilled to finally have him in our arms. Tommy was traumatized. He had just taken a very long and bumpy bus ride, left the quiet region of Ibanda for the crazy crush of Kampala, and been thrust into the arms of two Mzungus with very little warning or time to warm up. He was scared, unsure of his surroundings, but, adorably cute.

Here are a few pictures of that first meeting:

And Tommy today:

Tonight we will go out to celebrate, probably to one of those restaurants that serves overpriced sub-par food but makes Tommy very happy because of the train theme. Unless we can talk him into something else...I'll be working hard on that one.

Earlier as Tommy was snuggling into my neck- he is a kid that needs a lot of snuggles- I was reflecting on how quickly it feels like we became a family. A year ago Tommy cried when he was left alone with us. A year ago he preferred almost any Ugandan to either of us. A year ago he had no desire for our hugs, kisses, and cuddles. Now he cries when we leave him. He runs to us if we have been separated for any period of time. He cries when we cry, and he laughs when we laugh. He plants big kisses on us for no reason, he begs to snuggle in the morning, he loves to burrow into our necks, and, he adores being picked up and held for as long as our arms can take it. It is truly amazing how God can take people who look so different, have no common cultural bond, and share no genetic material, and mold us into a family who loves as deeply and fiercely as any created through biology. We have truly been blessed.


Mike and Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! What an absolute blessing. I know what you mean. Adoption is such a miracle! We love our little J so much!!

thecurryseven said...

Congratulations! Tommy has grown so much... I love looking at the 'then and now' pictures.


mary said...


mary said...


sara said...

Reading this has brought me to I think about the miracle of this past year and this day 1 year ago, I am reminded of God's goodness and faithfulness.. God is so good..Praising God for your sweet boy and the bond He has created in your family over the past 365 days..Thanks for sharing this day and letting us rejoice with you!!