Monday, 18 January 2010

The First Day of The Rest of Our Lives

Or something.

Today marks a big turning point for us. Today Jeff (aka Dr. Physics) started his first "real" job. He is now working at Argonne National Lab as a post-doc, and since they apparently don't observe MLK day (pretty awesome that a government funded lab doesn't observe a federal holiday), Jeff spent his morning in orientations and his afternoon in meetings about his new project. I would explain that new project to you, but, as with his previous work, it makes little sense to me. He is now learning a technique called Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). It is totally different from what he did before, so- NO MORE BEAMTIMES!!! I am thrilled.

After seven months of Jeff working 50 to 70 hours a week for little to no pay, depending on the month and the whims of his advisers, we are so thankful that he is in a contracted position with a steady salary and benefits. God is good. And, best of all, Argonne offers a sweet adoption benefit. To take advantage of it we would have to finalize an adoption while Jeff is working there, so we are starting to pray about the if, where, and when of our next adoption. That makes me happy.

After a very extended Christmas break spent in California, we have returned to Illinois and are attempting to get back into a routine. So far, so good. Monday is laundry day and I am done! The real test will come tomorrow, as Tuesday is "bathroom cleaning day"- not my favorite in general, and tomorrow the while house requires cleaning because our social worker comes Wednesday for our final post-placement before finalization.

Tommy has taken all of our movements in the past month in stride, for the most part. He has had some sleep issues since getting home. Saturday night he decided to wake up and play between 3 and 5, and then not nap on Sunday. Every time we get out the suitcases he gets a little nervous. Since he actually enjoys airports and airplanes (if I had a nickel for everytime he said "cool" during our flights...), I am concerned about the aspects of travel worries him. He has a good memory, so I do wonder if remembers his first flight and what came before it. I can't wait until he can understand what it means when we tell him we are a family.

Speaking of which, I can't let today go by without acknowledging the debt that our family owes to all those who have fought for racial equality, and who continue to do so. To those black and white, slave and free, oppressed and privileged, famous and unknown, who gave their time, health, talent, and lives, fighting first for freedom and later for justice; we thank you for your sacrifice. Without these efforts our family could not exist. May the Lord who made us all, who does not favor one skin color over another, continue to shape us in His image so that we may all judge each other by the content of character and not the color of skin.


mary said...

Praise God for Jeff's job and we are grateful too for those who paved the way.

Jim and April said...

thats wonderful that his new work helps with adoptions! :0)

Amy Jo said...

Great news about the job. I'm sure it's such a relief for all of you!