Friday, 22 January 2010

Dad's Car

To be clear, for me "Dad's car" has always referred to the 1966 Porsche 912 my dad bought when he was 21 (in 1966). My brothers and I used to have a Hot Wheels car painted the same color, and we had song that we would sing (think two note melody) - "Dad's car, Dad's car."

Dad's car

The Porsche doesn't get driven all that much these days, which can make it hard to get the engine started if it has been sitting too long. During our recent extended California vacation I spent a few days working on the car as it had been a while since anyone had been able to get the engine to start. One of those days both Amy and my mom were gone from lunch until after Tommy went to bed. This is what happens when Dad gets left in charge all day:

I think he likes it

A buckle! Or, safety first

Beep, beep


I ended up getting the car started and it is now running great. Priming the carburetors a few times and trying, trying, trying did the trick. Don't worry, I didn't leave the driveway with Tommy in the car...but next time we are totally strapping in the car seat and going for a ride.

We both enjoyed hearing the engine roar.

No offense to our trusty Corolla, but Tommy, that's how a car should sound.


Jim and April said...

how cute are those pics! :0)

mary said...

I loved the video!

Kristi said...


I remember you dad's car and how proud of it he was. I loved the pictures of you and Tommy in it! I'm sure your dad was with the two of you in the car that day.

Your cousin, Kristi

Leisa said...

Awww, that looks so cute! And the car looks awesome as well. It's a beautiful model, and age seems to have no effect on its appearance.

Leisa Dreps

Delsie said...

That car is quite a beauty. It's got a beautiful shade of green, looking so fine despite its age. Have you tried getting it restored a bit? Who knows? It can get up and running once more by the time that cute tyke is old enough to drive!
[Delsie Maidens]