Tuesday, 5 January 2010

3 for 6

Tommy loves his Auntie Emily.

My Sister Emily is heading to Uganda as I type this. She and her friend Alexis will spend a few weeks there doing research for a paper on Ugandan adoption. They will be interviewing lawyers, visiting both pro- and anti-adoption orphanages, and hopefully meeting with some government officials.

Emily and Alexis began planning this trip a few months back. Alexis had been taking classes taught by Elizabeth Bartholet, and wanted to do a research paper on international adoption under her direction. She asked Emily if she would be interested in doing something like that, and Emily suggested that they go to Uganda.

After weeks of planning, they are off! Please join me in praying for their safety, and that their work will benefit the many orphans of Uganda.

In Evanston during Emily's August visit

For my part, I love that God has called Emily to Uganda. I never could have imagined the impact that spending time in Uganda has had on me and Jeff, how it has altered our view of the world and our sense of mission. I hope that her time there will be equally fruitful, and I am so proud of her for taking the risk.

Once Emily lands in Entebbe, three of my six immediate family members will have visited Uganda (Me, Mom, and Em). Three more to go!

Tommy is wearing his Christmas present today in honor of his Auntie.


Amy Jo said...

Congrats to Emily! Will be praying for her safe travel!

Ribbens Family said...

We will be praying for Emily and her friend that God would fully use the days in Uganda for His glory!