Thursday, 17 April 2014

Birthday Guy!

Tommy turned six this week. Poor kid, it was a hard week to have a good time. We tried our best to make it a great day for him, and I think it worked, mostly because he got to have tons of sugar.

We started off with his favorite breakfast- pancakes with whipped cream and strawberries.

Then he took a trip to the park with Jeff and his Grandma Janie.

In the afternoon we went for ice cream with Papa, Auntie Colleen, and Uncle Kevin.

He got to choose dinner, so as you can see we ended up at In-N-Out for burgers, animal-style fries, AND a Sprite (this really blew his mind).

He opened presents.

Aunt Emily made him a really awesome cake to match his outfit. What could be better for a hardcore bruin like Tommy?

Happy sixth birthday Tommy!

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pastor bill said...

Beautiful story, Amy--glad so much was done to help him have a good day. You are and continue to be amazing.