Sunday, 1 December 2013

Star of the Week

Usually I check Tommy's bag very carefully every day after school. He has a special folder that always has communications from the school (there are so many flyers) and his completed work. The only days that I sometimes forget are Fridays, especially when we have something else going on directly after school, and we have been inundated with birthday parties of late. So, imagine my surprise when Sunday at 3pm Tommy announces, "Hey Mom and Dad, I'm the star of the week."

Ugh. Mad scramble to create a poster. Thank goodness for Walgreen's one hour photo.

We set Tommy to work coloring and illustrating the "all about me tee" he had to have for Monday, and it turned out pretty well considering the last minute nature of his efforts.

Here he is on Monday, eating his favorite breakfast on the "Special Day" plate.

And with his poster. He chose his favorite pictures of himself and of our family to share with his class.

He also got to bring in a toy from home one day to share, and he chose to bring his green monkey and his baseball mitt, he brought the book The Pirate Cruncher to for the day he got to choose what they read, and he generally enjoyed being the star...not that this comes as a surprise.

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