Thursday, 12 December 2013

Day Three

I am officially losing all track of time and day and weather and am waiting for cabin fever to set in. Nic announced last night after a particularly aggressive nose swab that he was DONE. He instructed me too tell everyone he did not want any more ouchies. If only...

Nic's health remains about the same, but since he is stable he is off PICU status which is making it much easier for him to move around a little and play a bit. The play therapist brought him a bin of toy trains, many of which were engines he had never seen before, so he had a great time with those. We also got to play memory and a Mickey chutes and ladders game and read a lot of Curious George. It has been wonderful to see him a bit more perky.

His hemoglobin was up a bit today, so he avoided transfusion. However his overall blood numbers were down, his immune function is very low, and the infectious disease doctor things things will likely get worse before they get better. His fever is unrelenting.

Please pray for peace for Nic. He is getting rather crabby (understandably). Also, please pray for Tommy and Kenny, they have been in good hands, but it is hard on them too. Thank you all for your prayers and messages. We are so blessed to be loved and supported by such a wonderful community both near and far.

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