Friday, 13 December 2013


Nic has parvovirus, aka, fifth disease. It has knocked out his body's ability to make new blood cells, which is why his blood counts continue to be so poor. This will reverse as his body fights off the virus. Unfortunately his immune system is functioning poorly right now, because the immune system needs the blood cells Nic's body isn't making to fight off the virus and anything else that may be coming at him. His doctors (and there are many) are now concerned that his ongoing high fever is due to the beginning of a secondary bacterial infection. They started blood cultures this morning and will continue treating him with antibiotics.

Nic is tired and worn out. His morning blood draws are making him mad, really, really mad. It is so hard to watch.

Please keep those prayers coming. We had travel plans this weekend that we will not be able to make. Please pray the the airline would be easy to work with, that they will allow us to change all of our tickets, that they wouldn't charge us to do so (in situations like this they usually don't), and that we could get seats on a new flight when Nic is well. Thank you all for your prayers!

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