Friday, 4 October 2013

Update on Mary: CT Scan Time

Today Mom goes in for a CT scan. Unfortunately this scan has been ordered because her CA-19 marker (aka her "cancer count" has gone up quite a bit. She was able to get all three rounds of chemo last time, but only barely, and not getting the chemo with regularity seems to be making a difference in the cancer's activity level (as measured by the CA-19). Please pray that the cancer will not have spread any further than it already has.

It is very probable that Mom is going to need to change up her chemo routine after this month. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors, my mom and my dad as they discuss her possible treatments moving forward. Mom continues to battle this cancer, and we are thankful that the possibility of further options exists.

Mom is fighting so hard, it's hard to hear that she isn't winning, especially after having adjusted to a "new normal" with the cancer being well contained or shrinking for so many months. Please pray for us as we digest all of this.

Many of you have probably heard that Mom has had the blessing of meeting yet another grandchild. Jordan Paul Cox (JP), was born this week! Here is a picture of Mom and her newest bundle of joy:

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