Monday, 21 October 2013

Update on Mary: CT Results

We've been deliberating how to discuss the results mom got from her recent CT, because what it comes down to is that the results weren't great, but they also could have been much worse. The cancer has grown, both the tumor on her pancreas and the spots on her lungs, but the growth was very minimal, and the past two weeks her CA-19 marker (cancer count) has gone down slightly. After reducing her chemo dose she has been able to get her full chemotherapy treatment sequence for the past two months. If her cancer marker does not decrease significantly in the next month or so a change in treatment will be necessary.

Please pray for wisdom as she makes decisions regarding her future treatments. Please pray that the treatment she is currently on will continue to be effective for as long as possible.

Mom wants you to know that she is so grateful for your continued prayers.

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