Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Pumpkin Pickin'

Mom and Dad are visiting this week (yay!), and we are having lots of fun exploring. On Saturday Jeff needed some peace and quiet to work on his car, so the rest of us packed up the minivan and went to kill time and find a pumpkin. For simplicity's sake we went back to Honey Hill, as I knew the way, I knew the kids would enjoy it, and most importantly, I knew the donuts there would be good.

The weather was not as nice as my parents would liked, you will note that my mom is wearing my winter coat, but since it was 54 degrees out we all managed to survive. (Now pretend you hear my dad calling out, "The accu-weather real feel says it was 45.")

We decided to prioritize, so we got donuts first. They were awesome, of course. Then we went on a hayride and picked a pumpkin from the patch. The kids had a great time roaming and trying to find the perfect pumpkin. Since we were a bit late in the season they had to settle for pretty good on one side. It was better than rotten and warty. Then, since it was late in the afternoon and we practically had the place to ourselves, we were able to request an extra long hayride through the apple orchard. Now, when I asked if we could go on a longer ride I meant maybe three minutes extra, but the man in charge treated has to a ride around the perimeter of the farm. It was really quite long. The upside of this was that the kids agreed we could be done hay-riding, well, kids minus Tommy. Tommy could hayride forever.

We wrapped the trip up with a visit to the animals and the very sad looking hay bale maze, then piled back in the car with our pumpkin and extra donuts. Success!

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Katie Truelove said...

Looks like a great time!