Monday, 19 November 2012

Cards, Cards, Cards

I am happy to say that I have ordered my Christmas cards and am now only on the hook for labeling and sending them...that's one big chore off my pre-Christmas list!

If you don't have your cards all figured out, and don't feel like sending a picture card this year check out Katie (formerly Cox) Truelove's cute stationary Christmas cards at her etsy shop Hello Truelove.

Or, if you were thinking you wanting to send out greetings decked with cute family photos another great option is my friend Julie's adorable designs. Remember our awesome family pictures? She is responsible for them, and since they turned out great despite that being one of the worst mornings ever prior to arriving at our appointment, I owe her big time.

Also, the website, Treat, which I used to make a funny birthday card for my dad (which was modeled as a campaign poster for the "Mayor of Oldsville"), is currently running a promotion that allows you to send a personalized card for free. It's only good for two days, November 19th and 20th, so if you would like to take advantage of this deal you should hurry!

The code for the free card is TREATBLOGR.

Enter it at checkout and sending the card won't cost you a thing. I'm planning on sending an anniversary card to my Grandparents. It only takes a few minutes to find a great card and send it to someone you love. I've used this site before and been very happy with the results...and since it's free you have nothing to lose. Head to Treat to get started before the deal expires!

(Full Disclosure: Treat gave me free card credits for sharing this deal with you. I was not compensated for sharing the other two links, I did it because I happen to love the women behind both those businesses).

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