Saturday, 17 November 2012

Triumphant Ever More

And you can hear, from far and near, the MIGHTY BRUIN ROAR!!!

Here are the boys celebrating the first touchdown of the big game:

Tommy was so inspired by the Bruin's play that he decided to hone his football skills during halftime. Nic wants to play for the baseball team instead, as you can see.

The boys had so much fun watching the game, it almost makes me wish we had cable (but not quite). They were very excited when the Bruins triumphed over the Trojans. Tommy told me he wanted to be at the Rosebowl. My parents and Emily and Kevin got to go, and I even heard a rumor that Mom and Kevin got on the Jumbotron doing "Gangnam Style." Now that would have been worth getting soaked in the rain to see!

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