Thursday, 18 October 2012

Getting Ready For The Holidays

Today Mom and I spent the afternoon trying to figure out what on earth I'm going to wear for our Christmas card photos, and how I'm going to plan our outfits so they are all in the same color family and coordinate but don't look "matchy matchy." This is likely not going to end well. The only way I know to keep things in the same color family is to keep them the same color. So we are all going to be wearing blue, I think. But, so as to avoid the crime of all looking too similar, we are wearing different sorts of things, which may work or seriously, seriously fail. I'm guessing we will land on the fail side of things, but I'll let you judge
for yourselves when the pictures come back. Also, they had nothing in the shade of blue I wanted to wear at Old Navy...and if Old Navy doesn't sell it, chances are you won't find me wearing it (I am constantly covered in boy goo and thus I like to wear inexpensive clothes so I can hug my kids and pick them up without worrying).

Anyhow, I've already found the cards I think I am going to use on Shutterfly, providing it doesn't clash with our outfits! Click to check out their Christmas Cards. I am thinking of using the one titled "His Grace Alone," but I'm not sure if it will clash with our all blue theme (it's under Holiday Cards, Themes: Religious). Also, we will be sitting outside on a red couch with grass/trees in the background. What do you think?

[Full disclosure, I am telling you about Shutterfly's holiday cards in exchange for getting a whopping discount that should cover the costs of all of our Christmas cards. Thanks for humoring me on this.]

Shutterfly has lots of cute cards to choose from in a variety of styles, colors, and themes. They also have special offers that you can check out here:

Look who is practicing his poses for our pictures...he sure loves his Jjaja!

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Robin said...

Hi. Reading this entry reminded me of some nice family photo color pallets I'd seen online. I thought perhaps one of them might inspire you (or remind you of colors in your closet already).

I've been praying for your mom and for you as well.

(From West/Sylvan)