Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Whistle Stop

The day after the wedding was damp and cool, so we scrapped our plans to swim and visit a nearby buffalo farm (a wet hayride did not sound like fun) and instead went to a few antique/junk stores and to a fun train-themed restaurant. It turns out that antiquing with a two young boys is not exactly relaxing, because they really like to touch everything. It worked because we were with lots of friends and therefore many extra hands. Tommy found a number of things he wanted but did not get, mostly because I don't want a trumpeting Cookie Monster or a Cars themed kitchen towel/potholder set in my home.

For lunch we went to the Whistle Stop restaurant in Monon, IN. It was perfect. They had trains that ran around the interior of the restaurant on elevated track, and outside they had an open refurbished caboose car that the kids played in, some other train cars to look at, lots of track to run on, and a depot to sit at. Tommy and the other kids had a great time. We enjoyed the chance to sit around a big long table with our friends and hang out and eat mid-western food...just like old times in Galena.


mary said...

What a great time with some longtime friends!!

Joline said...

I. LOVE. THAT. PICTURE!!!!!! On the tracks. How cool.

Jeff said...

Joline, that's one of my favorites too. I've got a bunch of pics to send you.