Thursday, 15 September 2011

Time For A Swim, Or, Destination: Indiana Wedding Part III

Disclaimer: We are still catching up on posting about all of our end-of-summer vacation activities. We're almost done, but we've got a couple left.

Sunday began grey and rainy, but by the time we finished with lunch (which was late) the sky had cleared and the air approached warm. For the kids, this meant only one thing: swim time! The lodge that the wedding reception was held at had a play area and beach with a sand entry, a shallow area surrounded by a dock, and a water slide. It took Tommy a few minutes to get up his courage for going all the way in the water, but after seeing his older buddies take the plunge he was anxious to follow their example, and ended up asking to "swim" all the way out to the float where a number of the grown ups were soaking up the sun. Nicolas stayed dressed and dry, and had a nice time playing in the sand. It was a a nice last hurrah for summer.

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mary said...

Looks like a fun place!