Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Destination: Indiana Wedding

Last weekend we attend out first "destination" wedding. Most destinations weddings involve a beach in Hawaii, the Caribbean, or Mexico, but this one was different. Instead of traveling to an exotic local we went to the shores of a lazy river, next to an old family cottage, and watched a dear friend say her vows. It was hot, it was sticky, there were many mosquitoes and a few rude jet skiers, but it was also beautiful.

As a family we've attended three weddings this summer. We love that the boys have been invited, because that has allowed us to come too (we are just about to take the baby sitting plunge with Nic but haven't done so yet). Each has been absolutely lovely, but I never remembered to bring my camera, so I haven't been blogging about them.

This weekend also doubled as a family vacation/ reunion with dear friends, so between the festivities and the down time we had one wonderful weekend.
I am scrambling to get ready for some out of town guests, so I don't have the time I would like to reflect on how incredible our time was. It was restful, it was restoring, and it was FUN.

Here are a few pictures of the main event. I'll post some of our "down time" pictures tomorrow.

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