Thursday, 28 April 2011

An Update That is Not an Update

Well the nurse called to tell me to make an appointment with a hematologist (probably not a great thing). She would not give me the results of the test except to tell me that Nic's iron levels were not normal (which we already knew), so I asked her to have the doctor call me. I am seriously annoyed by this. I am hoping to hear back from him by the end of the day.


jhudberg said...

Praying for good news. Remember you always have a right to your medical test results and records. If you request a copy of the results they must release them to you. In situations as you described I usually ask for my copy and go pick it up, sometimes you have to sign a release to get them but you can then have the results in hand. Of course, as you know, anyone but the physician is not qualified to go over test results with a parent so she probably truly cannot talk to you about it but it would have been proper of the physician to personally discuss this with you. Fairly inconsiderate on their part to keep you in the dark. Either way, praying for God's peace. Your newest addition is so very cute, his eyes melt my heart when I look at your photos. Tommy is a cutie pie too, so happy God has blessed your family. Congratulations:)

Sweet Apron said...

How frustrating. Praying for you. Bet you're missing your momma.