Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Round Two

We went in for the second round of blood tests today. Thankfully, we were able to do them at the lab and avoid the hospital. We had the same nurse as on Monday, and she was surprised to see us again. She was very good, but Nicolas' veins were harder to locate today (perhaps because he was down so many vials of blood from the first round of tests?). It was not fun to watch her digging around in his arm, but she got the blood they needed and we are now in waiting mode.

I'm doing better with this than I expected. I think this is partly because I understand that there is nothing I can do to control the outcome or the speed of the tests (we are hoping to hear back tomorrow, but the lab's official policy is that tests can take up to a week). The other part of my "reasonably calm" equation is that I know that God's grace will sustain us through whatever the doctor's phone call brings.

It is a great blessing and privilege to love and parent Nicolas. He is an amazing little fellow...and super handsome. Check my FB page for proof his adorable first photo-shoot.


mary said...

praying for all of you as you wait for news - seems so crazy to be hit with all this so soon after all you went through to get him home! good reminder for me that the adoption process roller coaster is just prep for the parenting roller coaster - you have a beautiful spirit, Amy, and yes, his grace is greater than any diagnosis or news - praying for a miraculous "all clear"

Beth Sykes said...

He is adorable, all those precious smiles he seems so happy and a peaceful content lil guy!