Saturday, 23 April 2011


Someone is not handling this time of transition very well...and that someone is not Nicolas, it's Tommy. Wow. Apparently no amount of reading "A Baby Sister for Francis," along with practically every other book in the library on siblings, can actually prepare a child for having a new brother in the home.

Happily, the boys like each other. Nicolas finds Tommy absolutely fascinating. He loves watching him and delights in any attention Tommy pays him. Tommy also loves Nicolas, he just doesn't enjoy Nicolas getting any extra attention or doing things that Tommy is not also doing. As you can imagine, this has resulted in an abundance of "baby" behavior from Tommy.

For almost a year Tommy has been sitting in a chair without a booster. He hates booster seats. But, as soon as I got out the little highchair booster for Nicolas, guess who HAD to have a booster seat too? The same goes for any number of things- bottles, pacifiers, the baby car seat, riding in the baby carrier, etc. I actually wouldn't mind (it really makes no difference to me if Tommy wants to suck a pacifier or drink from a bottle for a few days), except that on the rare occasions when Nicolas' activity can't be duplicated, Tommy goes into a full meltdown. Tonight I was working on putting Nicolas in a wrap, and Tommy decided that he too wanted to be in a wrap. Unfortunately, he had trouble communicating this sentiment because he didn't know what to call the wrap. Thus, as my mom was trying to get Tommy out of his bath and ready for bed, he was insisting to her that she needed to "tie him up." Of course, she thought that meant wrap him in a towel, or something, but nothing she tried was good enough, and Tommy got frustrated and started crying and just repeating that he wanted to be tied up over and over. Finally Mom figured it out and, as I was done practicing with Nicolas anyway (side note: I never had to practice with my beloved Ergo- I'm just sayin'), I put Tommy in the wrap and all was right in his world once more.

I knew that Tommy would struggle with Nicolas coming home. I knew that conversations couldn't prepare him for the reality of sharing the limelight. But knowing that this turmoil was coming didn't really prepare me either.

I know that it has only been two days, and that things will improve. Hopefully that improvement will come sooner rather than later...

Sorry for the lack of videos. Jeff (my tech guy) is still feeling poorly. He definitely had a bought of food poisoning on the flight home, and while the worst is over his stomach still isn't quite recovered. Also, there is the small matter of jet-lag to contend with as well. Nicolas is experiencing some jet lag as well, but not as severely as Jeff. Other than that Nicolas is adjusting well. He frequently has his "confused" face, and cannot stand his car seat or our bathtub, but things are going as well as we could expect given the crazy amount of change he is experiencing. I'm sure he is still in a bit of shock at this juncture. I'm finally sleeping through the night, I think. My mom is still here helping out, so I haven't had to adjust to caring for two by myself yet, which is fine by me.

We are planning to take some family pictures tomorrow...if all goes well you might even be able to see them. But just in case I don't have time to post: Happy Easter from the Klug family! We are so thankful to be all together as we celebrate our risen Savior.

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Haley Ballast said...

I can relate!! The big boys did not love the fact that Z got to do many things that they can't/shouldn't/don't need to do. This too shall pass... :)