Thursday, 18 November 2010

T is Thankful For...

Today we made a turkey with five paper feathers. On each feather I wrote something that Tommy told me he was thankful for:

Five hot dogs
Tacos and beans
park and zoo
Daddy, Poppa, and Tommy
Being treated like a prince

Of those five things, guess which one was totally unprompted? That's right. Being treated like a prince. In fact, he just wanted to write that on every feather. I'm still shaking my head/laughing at that. We are in for trouble.


Cuppa Jo said...

Zane told me yesterday that I can keep hugging him until he's old enough to move out and live next door. When I asked him when that would be, he answered, "When I'm 40."

Laura Gifford said...

Well, if he's the prince, and she's the exercise princess of the world, they are made to be friends... royalty must, after all, flock together.