Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Last weekend we made the first attempt at wearing this year's Halloween costume, a very cute and warm tiger outfit. To say that it did not go well would be an understatement. There were tears, screams, and desperate pleas to get out of it. Needless to say, we took it off. Then we spent all week talking about how great it would be to dress up like a tiger, how it would be kind of like Tigger, and how big kids like to wear costumes and trick or treat. All week Tommy has been telling people that he was going to be a tiger for Halloween, and has been making comments about wanting to trick or treat.

Today when the time for trick or treating arrived, Jeff and I both made a huge deal about how wonderful it would be to wear a tiger costume. Jeff put it on his head first, and then when Tommy agreed that it was cool and tried a few roars we helped him into it. For about the first 30 seconds I thought he was actually going to wear it. Then the meltdown started. Despite all of our best efforts it became evident very quickly that there would be no tiger prowling the streets for candy this Halloween. I was bummed because it was a really cute costume, but not that upset because it was a hand-me-down, so it wasn't like we had spent a ton of money on it, and Mtoto can always wear it in a few years. But, Tommy still wanted to trick or treat. And, (no surprise here) he declared that he wanted to be a pirate.

Jeff thought fast and pulled together some pirate-like accessories, and in about three minutes we had a decent costume together. Had Tommy agreed to wear the "treasure" we had, or to put on a make-up beard it would have been even better, but those ideas were flatly rejected.

The Pirate:

The Booty:

The Booty after Mum looted it (hey, I had to get the "dangerous" candies and the gluten out...and if a few candies that I happen to like got mixed up with those, Tommy will never know):

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