Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A Little Tommy Update

Tommy has begun to occasionally refer to himself as "T-Master." (How Jeff is that?)

He tell us, "I'm a big guy. I'm a man."

Tommy gives me a serious look:
T: Mum! Bears put their pee pee in the toilet.
M: Oh, ok.
T: Yay Bears!
(Variations of this conversation occur frequently with different animals, or the names of people we know)

The other night we were having dinner with Jeff's supervisor and his wife and son, and at one lull in the conversation Tommy turns to me and says: Mum wearing underwear? Then to Jeff: Daddy wearing underwear?

When he needs to respond to a question in the affirmative, he no longer just says yes, but "Yes, I did." Or "Yes, I am..." His inflection when he does it is so funny.

People have begun to ask how Tommy has reacted to news that he will have a brother. I don't think he really understands what it means quite yet. Sample conversation:

Tommy runs up to me hold the letter "F" magnet.
T: Mum, F is for family!
M: That's right. And do you know who is in our family?
T: Papa!
M: Yes, papa is in our extended family. But our immediate family is Tommy, Mum, Dad, and soon, Mtoto.
T: Mtoto toot?
M: Yes, Mtoto toots.
T: Mtoto say excuse me (this is said as a command, not a question).
M: Well, you can teach him.

In other news, he wants to name his brother "Boris." He has become possessive about the empty chair at our table, informing guests that it is "Mtoto's chair." Also, he will say, when handed a picture of Mtoto, "this is my baby brother." Or he might just mention that it is a picture of a sleeping baby. Still, progress. I've checked out a few books at the library about getting new babies, and so far he seems to be enjoying them. I am confident that he will adjust to having another child in the home, and he has quite a while to get used to the idea. I'm just not sure how it is going to play out when he actually sees me holding someone who is not him...this has been a big struggle in situations (like church nursery) where I have had to hold other kids.

But for now he is very anxious to have his brother home. He recently ran and opened up our front door. When I asked him to shut it, he told me "no, door open for mtoto to come in." Explaining to him that it will probably be another six months just breaks my heart.


Tom said...

I am looking forward to seeing T-Master next month. I think Tommy will adjust to having a little brother and not being the center of attention. After all, his mum did, at least I think she did.


Emily said...

I hate to tell you this, Dad: she did not.