Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Rehearsal

The big event of this trip home was Kevin and Colleen's wedding. This particular marriage has been in the works for many, many years, so some of us were a bit anxious to make Colleen an official member of the family. Girl's like Colleen are rare, so when you have the opportunity to add one to your family you have to act quickly before someone else does. Thank goodness that Kevin agreed with us on this one.

Here are some pics of the rehearsal. There were quite a few people in the wedding party, so it was the most complicated wedding I have ever been in. Wedding pics to come as soon as I can steal some off of FB. I was too busy bridesmaiding and chasing Tommy to take any.

The happy couple. See that face? That's my brother.

Bret and I practice very hard and it pays off.

The rest of the Hamilton children. I babysat these kids, and now, they are super old and so am I.

Kevin and Colleen explain that instead of wedding favors they will be making a donation to Tommy's orphanage. Yes, we love them and they are awesome.

Funny story, Tommy learned how to "sword fight" with forks at the rehearsal dinner, and I am told the woman on my left is to thank (or blame) for this development...yes, the woman the people of St. Andrew's entrust their children's spiritual development to actually teaches them to fight with their silverware. I do what I can to expose the truth.

Tommy and Uncle Kevin


mary said...

She is quite a catch and we love her!!!

Heather said...

I've been waiting for these posts!