Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Last Family Breakfast - EVER

In the time between my engagement to Jeff and our wedding my family had a number of "the last family (Christmas, Vacation, Easter, fill in the blank) ever." Towards the end some of "the last" events were increasingly ridiculous and the melodrama surrounding these events quickly became a joking matter.

Since we are rarely all together these days, when we had the opportunity the day before Kev's wedding to have a immediate family-only event (plus Tommy) we designated it "The last family breakfast." I usually wouldn't post pictures of myself first thing in the morning on the internet, but I am pretty far from the camera in all the photos so I decided it was okay. Other family members may disagree, but by the time they read this it will be too late.

Mom made the from scratch wheat waffles we all love and real (as opposed to microwaved) bacon.

Tommy had some yummy gf Trader Joe's waffles.

See, we aren't too shabby looking.


ktruelove said...

Not sure the pics were could have just put the beautiful waffles/bacon up. You're lucky Em's in Australia;)

Heather said...

Oh, I love that! Those are our favorite waffles too.