Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Adamson House

Well, Tommy and I are having another crazy trip home. In between the wedding, more Disneyland trips, and me (finally) cleaning out the closet in my room at my parent's house we managed to have a bit of fun. In regards to the closet, yes, I know I left seven years ago, but in my defense it is all childhood stuff that I didn't need at the time (or now) and it was all stuffed somewhat nicely in a closet. Now that pile of stuff has been cut in half and is stuffed even more creatively into one small space. Also, I am pretty sure that my Dad still has his old artwork, teeth, etc at his mom's house so I'm sure I come by this urge to save honestly. And I am proud to report that I have not saved any of my old teeth.

Anyway, back to the point of my post, we went to the Adamson house with my Mom, Grandma, and Jeff's Mom. It is in Malibu and definitely worth the trip if you enjoy historic/artistic homes. The home is part of a state park, but run by volunteers who were not the most friendly to children. Thus I was quite thankful when Tommy fell asleep right before our tour started and slept almost until the end. He actually really liked the part of the house he got to see- a boy's room decorated with tile painted with nautical scenes which Tommy took to be pirate's ships, the fountains, and the pool and pool house.

We also had a yummy lunch in Malibu and then drove back home through LA so that we could see the house Grandma Janie grew up in (and a few other random detours).

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