Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Pee Saga Continues

Yesterday Tommy peed all over the floor. A huge puddle. Now, considering the last post on this same subject, I know you are all thinking, "so what's new?"- but, what you don't know is that after I wrote about that a few weeks ago we successfully talked Tommy into peeing only in his diaper. And by successfully, I mean, it lasted for a few weeks.

The truth is that I don't want to potty train him. It seems like a load of work, and, I have been very busy. In the last few weeks I planned and threw a birthday party, had my parents over for ten days complete with fun activities, and finished my dissertation. All this while still caring for Tommy, cooking, doing laundry, and, very occasionally, cleaning. I am exhausted, and our apartment is a wreck. Just awful. Therefore, the last thing I want to do is spend a few days hanging out in our apartment mopping up pee while trying to convince Tommy to use the toilet. Few things sound worse.

That said, Tommy has been asking to use the toilet quite often this last week. It started last Thursday, while I was out for the evening (eating pretty much the most amazing Mexican food ever- Susan, you rock). When I came home Jeff told me that Tommy had asked to use the toilet, and when Jeff took him he went. Every day since he has gone on the toilet at least once. He goes in his diaper the rest of the time, but still, the child is making a sincere effort. He has also gotten extremely resistant to putting diapers on, hence the nudeness yesterday that led to the giant puddle. So, I have decided (if begrudgingly) to support him in this effort. Today we will go to the store and he can pick out some big boy underwear. I have read one of those three-day potty programs, and we will give it a shot at the end of the week. I am a little wary. Tommy is a bit strong-willed, and I wonder if my showing interest in his desire to potty on the toilet will make him change directions. On the other hand, he also adores praise, and the program we are trying is built on excessive praise. We will soon see what is more important to him- stickers and all kinds of adulation, or having his own way. I'm hoping stickers win.

Update- No surprise, he picked out "Cars" and "Thomas the Train" undies. When we got home he stacked the packages up by his side and kept pointing to them and saying "big boy underwear" and "potty training." He is really excited about the underwear.


Anna said...

It sounds like we're in the same boat! Micah has Thomas & Mickey Mouse. He's mortified if "THEY" get "wet." Hope the psychology works for you, too! :D

sara said...

Keep it up Amy! You will love when he is pt'ed!! It is amazing!! Hoping the praise/encouragement and stickers will win out. Owen love the potty dance--he still does it.

Judy said...

Have you considered that part of your own resistance to potty training might be because you'll feel a bit "cheated" on the diaper stage of babyness? That is, are you afraid to let him grow up so soon because you didn't get to meet him until he was basically a toddler and no longer an infant? I'm not saying this is the case, just that it's a possibility. Potty training is a lot easier than you think, when baby is ready, which Tommy seems to be, and once it's done, the only interruption in the day is to help them wipe once they're done using the facilities. You can do this! :)