Wednesday, 26 May 2010


We are experiencing some heat here- one of my friends referred to it today as "beastly," and I know Jeff would agree with that characterization. I actually enjoy the heat, although I could do without the humidity, and Tommy (true to his roots) is holding up just fine.

Yesterday while I was watering our garden, Tommy decided he needed some water to play in, so after his nap I got out the sprinkler he got for his birthday but hasn't been able to use yet.

I ran through a few times to show him what to do. Then I picked him up and carried him through. This is what transpired next:

A few minutes after this video he decided that he wanted me to carry him through again. I asked him why he didn't want to run through himself. His answer "scary, scary." This from a boy who adores taking showers. I'm hoping he'll warm up to it, or else it is going to be a very long, hot, dry, summer.


Kathryn said...

Too cute! Deken has a spongebob sprinkler that he loves! But he's a bigger fan of the pool...

I see that Tommy has his own tee-ball set now! He's going to be a great baseball player!

mary said...

We had a great laugh. Your garden is looking good. I wonder if that sprinkler is too noisy?
Keep the videos coming.
Mom and Dad