Monday, 22 March 2010

Where did my baby go?

It's been a big week for Tommy. Thursday was a huge day for him. New skills acquired:

Getting all the way to D! All week, whenever he saw his magnets, wanted the ABC song, or an ABC book he would say A-B or, occasionally, A-B-C. On Thursday he pointed at the magnets on the fridge and said "A, B, C, D." Yesterday he was working on E, F, and G, all by himself.

In the afternoon we were looking at pictures. "Pictures of Tommy" is Tommy's favorite activity. He would look at pictures of himself all day long if it was allowed. Our little narcissist. Anyway, we were looking at some pictures from our last trip home. First he saw a picture of him and his Great Gran and said, "Great Gran" (this is normal), but then on the next picture, one of her holding him, he said "Great Gran give a hug." His longest and most coherent sentence to date. It was so sweet.

We had Mexican food for dinner, and I handed him two tortilla chips so that he had one in each hand (that is his thing). He looked at me, then at his chips, and said "two." We have been talking about two, since his birthday is next month, but not in that context at all. I was completely surprised.

But, most importantly, on Thursday Tommy began to play air guitar! We were listening to African children's choir, and Tommy was standing in front of the stereo cabinet, which has a glass closure, and staring at his reflection and dancing. Then I noticed he put one hand in the air and the other on his stomach and started wiggling his fingers around and leaning back...just like Daddy does when he is rocking. It was so cute. I tried to tape it, but of course he saw the camera and stopped.

I love seeing him learn new things and of course, the goal of feeding him as much as we do is to see him grow, but it kills me how fast my little boy is growing up.

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mary said...

It is amazing how fast he is growing and learning. I think he is a genius :-).Looking forward to the birthday party and our visit.