Sunday, 7 March 2010

I told you so

Sometimes it feels so good to be right.

Picture this: The year is 1999. The place is Creekside (aka Lost Creek Ranch) at Forest Home. It's summer camp. I'm the counselor for a cabin full of sixth grade girls. They are awesome, but also hormonal and crazy. I spend hours sitting on a rock outside of the cabin mediating petty fights (and then, (sobbing) she looked at me funny, and then...). Of course, the main interest that week was boys. And by boys, I do not mean Jesus and his disciples, I mean the strange, smelly, eleven and twelve year old creatures that shoveled down ten bowls of nuggets and onion rings each on Fried-day and lived to regret it (and still refuse to shower).

One of the times that the topic of conversation in our cabin shifted away from unattainable boys (like NSync members) and to regular, living across the camp in extremely dirty dorm boys, I brought up a particular boy in that category who was near and dear to my heart:

"In a few years you are all going to be fighting over my brother. Just wait. You will beg me for his phone number"

Response: "Eeeeewwww, Kevin is so gross, his butt-crack hangs out of his trunks," etc.

(Ringleader= Colleen Hamilton, who was particularly vocal)

"Just wait, you will."

Flash forward to 2010. A certain Miss Hamilton says yes when a certain Kevin Cox gets down on one knee and flashes a very shiny ring her way.

Oh, Miss Hamilton, I TOLD YOU SO!!!!

Welcome to the family, Colleen.


Gretchen said...

Love this story! So happy for the two of them! =0)

Chelsea Lee said...

hip! hip! hooray! i'm with ya amy, i've been saying it since the beginning.

mary said...

Great story and I echo your welcome to Colleen!

mary said...

P.S. Russ told a great story at the party about Colleen coming home in tears one day saying that she would never have another chance to marry Kevin Cox. Good thing their are second chances all of us.