Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Double Trouble

The long version of that title is, "Tommy knows how to cause enough trouble for two kids."

Last week Tommy had the opportunity to play with another boy, Deken, who was also adopted from Uganda. It was so much fun to finally meet Deken and his mom, Kathryn. We have been "internet friends" since the beginning of their adoption process, shared a social worker, and live within an hour's drive, but between two longs trips to Uganda (she left shortly after I got back and was in Uganda for a few months) and everyone settling in we just hadn't gotten together yet.

Deken is only slightly older than Tommy, but seems to have already outgrown his "twos"- he is a very sweet and polite boy. Tommy had a blast playing with him, and I enjoyed the chance to talk with another mom who knows where I'm coming from.

At one point the two boys were playing a game with the door to Tommy's room. Deken is tall enough to turn the handle, something Tommy can't quite do yet, and he and Tommy had a little game of pretend going on. One of them would shut the door. Then Deken would knock, Tommy say "come in" and Deken would twist the handle and open the door a crack, then both of them would laugh hysterically. Over and over. After a while Tommy started coming out of the room, and Deken going in, and eventually both boys end up in the room with the door shut. Moms keep talking. After a minute or two, Kathryn says, "it sounds very quiet in there."

We open the door...

And found two boys and a table covered in gooey white lotion.

How to catch the culprit?

Tommy had lotion evenly distributed on his face, hands, and overalls. Deken, on the other hand, only had lotion on the side of his body closest to Tommy. Coincidence?

Then, as we watched, Tommy attempted to smear even more lotion on Deken.

Ah, learning to spread the guilt so young.


Heather said...

That's really cute, but why no pictures of the lotion mess?

Kathryn said...

hahaha, too funny. I just remember Deken's face when I opened the door, so innocent!

"It wasn't me mom!" haha. Good thing it was just lotion! At Sanyu one day I walked into a room with several boys covered with white paint! That doesn't rub in so easily.... lol