Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Nic Birthday Blog-O-Rama

Better late than never...Happy Birthday Nic! We had fun celebrating our middle guy turning four. He got to choose a special breakfast (he went with a Dutch baby), and we took a rare trip to the movies to see the new addition to the Planes franchise. Presents and cake topped off the day's excitement.

Nic has grown so much in the last year. Not only is he TALL, but he has slimmed down so much in the face and looks so "boy" now - no more chubby toddler cheeks. He has been incredibly healthy so far this calender year, and it has been nice to go such a long stretch between hospital visits. Since he feels great, he was able to take swimming lessons this summer and is really looking forward to playing soccer in the fall. He will return to preschool when the school year starts up, and considering how much he flourished there last year we expect to seeing a great deal of growth socially and verbally this year. It has been such a joy to get to know him the more he is able to express himself, and I have been so blessed by his tender, comforting heart. When I'm sad there is nothing sweeter than hearing Nic whisper in my ear that he misses his Jjaja too.

Nic is a boy who is all about Cars (as in Lighting McQueen and friends), and it has been neat to watch his play expand to story telling, and I love watching him make-up games like "tractor tipping" (he pretends to be a sleeping tractor and then tips over when Tommy honks at him). The boy loves listening to music and is constantly trying to put something on. His favorite music is our VBS CD on endless repeat, second runner up is an annoying toddler songs disc; my only sanity saver is the occasional (too brief) Slugs and Bugs interruption. He also has a passion for sports, and loves to play tennis out front or get coached at Tommy's football camp in the backyard. We are so proud of our sweet guy and what a kind, compassionate, responsible boy he is growing up to be.

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