Saturday, 30 August 2014

Goodbye Summer

This summer has been action-packed. In order to maintain my sanity and ensure that all three boys survived the summer with no severe wrestling/fighting over toys injuries we got out of the house a great deal. I dutifully took pictures of our many activities because I intended to blog, but then I was so exhausted by the long days I never got around to it. I may do some catch-up posts (mostly because certain aunties have been clamoring for pictures), but it depends on how quickly I can scrub off the sticky film that summer has left on every square inch of my house (maybe we will cut back on popsicles next year), and whether that will be done before our CRAZY Fall schedule starts up. Sports are going to drive me into my grave.

All that to say, here are the pictures from our last day of summer. We took a nature walk at a forest preserve and then went and ate lunch with Jeff in a new spot, the new building his group is transferring too. It is a significant upgrade in terms of scenery, as we were able to eat on a cool sheltered balcony instead of the usual windowless room decorated with outdated credit union calendars. We may be visiting Daddy more often in the future!

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