Wednesday, 12 March 2014

An update from Tom

Mom met with the oncologist on Monday. He did not have the results of the biopsy but did have a chance to read the GI doctor's initial report. He felt that even if the results of the stomach and colon biopsy were positive (cancer) mom should continue her current treatment, at least for another month, because the current treatment has been reducing her cancer count which has been a good indicator that the treatment is having positive results. Also, he believes that even if the biopsy is positive, these cells are likely the same nodules that were on Mom's CTs since last April. Given the cancer counts, and the initial GI report, he does not believe there is any new growth. The oncologist gave mom another week off of chemo so that she can can her strength and hopefully start chemo next Monday.

Mom will meet with the GI doctor on Thursday to review her report, the biopsy and discuss options for dealing with the stomach and colon issues.

Thank you so much for your prayers for mom and our whole family.


pastor bill said...

All of these updates are so helpful in remembering to pray for Mary and all the family, and knowing the joys as well as the harder news. These are the first thing that comes up on my My Yahoo page, so it is a ready reminder to pray and remember. I've learned things for my own well-being as well, just simply from the courage and consistency of Amy and all the family to be communicating with us. Grace and peace to all, Bill

Robin said...

Our love and prayers to Mary and Tom. And to the entire extended family. So good to be with Tom and Jim today at the Toshiba golf outing. Thanks Tom for the invite. And we got to see the hole-in-one! Special. Love, David and Robin.