Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Concerts at the Park

When I was little Polliwog Park was a special park because it had a pond with ducks and this really neat (and huge in my memory) wooden ship in the play area. The wooden ship is gone, probably because it didn't have safety rails, but the duck pond is still there and now it also has an army of turtles to compete with the ducks for food. Also, they do free concerts in the park on Sunday nights during the summer, and while the music is not always really fantastic, the kids had a great time rocking out because they aren't always that discerning. They made it to three concerts this summer, but these pictures are from the night the "Beatles" played. You might notice that the kids are jumping all over a guy resembles my dad but is not my dad in one of the shots. That would be my dad's brother, Uncle Jim, who is a great sport. He let them jump all over him until they were all worn out, and that is no small feat.

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