Friday, 2 October 2009

At Least He Tells The Truth

Tommy has never had trouble communicating his wants and needs. However, Jeff and I were getting a bit tired of his methods- laughing for yes (fine) and screaming for no (not fine). Thus we have been working very hard on nodding. He is getting pretty good and doing it without prompting.

Yesterday while playing in the living room, he ventured over to the desk and began slapping a pile of papers I had stacked up on the edge, waiting to be filed. I said, "Tommy, those aren't for you." And he backed up a few steps, looked at me, then lunged back towards the papers and tried to pull them down.

"Tommy, No! I just told you to stop. Are you being bad on purpose?"
He slowly turns, looks into my eyes, and nods "Yes."

I have pictures, but no camera cord to post them. We are searching high and low tomorrow and will have them up soon! Moving it is going ok...still too many boxes for my taste. Tommy's IEP evaluations went well, and I will post on that experience soon.


Amy Jo said...

Welcome to motherhood, my friend!!

jena said...

Does he raise his eyebrows for yes like ours precious ones do?

The teaching is fun and hard and frustrating and rewarding all at the same time!