Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Nic's Birthday Celebration

Until now, we'd never thrown a "friends" birthday party for Nic. We celebrated his first birthday with friends from Congo while at a reunion, and his last two with family in California. This year, since he started preschool, he attended many parties for his friends, so we decided it was time to bite the bullet. Things were made a little (ok, a lot) easier when we won the services of a face painter and a cotton candy/popcorn machine at a silent auction to support a mission project we are participating in later this summer.

We decided to throw the party early so that Nic could attend, as the weather later in the summer will probably be too hot for him to be able to spend much time outside. Unfortunately most of his classmates were on vacation and unable to attend, but some of my friends and many of our neighbors were able to make it. It was such a fun day. Although Nic refused to get his face painted, everyone else looked great! The cotton candy was a huge hit, and they made it to order, allowing the kids to pick from a bunch of favors. I could go on and on about how good the popcorn was (I ate way too much). The kids played on the swing set, we had cupcakes, and Nic opened his presents. We had 16 kids at this party, but it was a thousand times easier than Tommy's crazy day because many of the parents stayed...after all, who doesn't like cotton candy?

Face painting!

Nic's "Party Face"

Cotton candy!



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