Sunday, 1 June 2014

May Fun

We decided we should probably do a little photo dump to let everyone know that the last month wasn't entirely sad, In fact, we had quite a bit of fun which just never made it to the blog.

Some highlights:

We hosted a birthday party for Tommy and allowed him to invite all his very best friends (and apparently he has fifteen of those). For those of you who missed the birthday debate on my Facebook feed a while back, Tommy originally wanted to hold a "fight club" birthday party. His plan was to invite all the boys in kindergarten and have a big wrestling match in order to determine which of them is the strongest. I vetoed that and we settled on a sports themed party instead. We planned games, but realized about three minutes into the first relay that our best course of action was to let the kids run wild in the backyard with breaks for snacks, cake, presents, and watching a special video birthday message from one of Tommy's favorite Bruins. Everyone had a blast and no one was hurt. Victory!

Jane (Jeff's mom) came for a visit. We had a wonderful time. The little guys were so excited to take "Grandma Janie" to their favorite children's museum and the park. We also went to an interactive history museum (which the boys loved and are begging to go back to, Uncle Kevin) and a lake to feed ducks and watch/chase birds. It was a fun break for all of us.

The heat has hit (hallelujah), so we've also gotten out the squirt guns, instigated a water balloon fight with the big kids across the street (who have been so sweet to pay attention to my little dudes), and been hanging out at both the beach and the splashpad. I think that taking dinner down to the beach may be my favorite summertime activity.

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Katie Truelove said...

Looks like you guys had a great time with grandma janey! ps- your backyard looks great and I LOVE the lamps in the dining room!