Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Blue Shirt

As you can see, I am officially a soccer mom. Tommy is playing in our local recreational soccer league, and is learning all the finer points of the sport. He spent most of his first game practicing dramatic falls, sometimes when he was near the ball and sometimes off on his own, and when he wasn't hurling himself across the grass he was manhandling the other players in an attempt to get the ball. Thankfully they weren't calling fouls on the first day, or Tommy would have been out after three minutes.

During the second game he was still a little hands-y, but it was much better. They rotate positions throughout the game because it is "not competitive," but Tommy seemed to spend a very long time at goal, which kept him from fouling other players, allowed him to throw himself upon the ground, and let him use his hands. I think it might be his position. According to Tommy, his current "dream" is to play pee-wee football (not happening), and I think goalie might be as close to football as you can get while playing soccer. If you look closely at the picture of Tommy throwing the ball out on the field, you will notice that he was pelting his teammates with the ball, for which I blame the coach yelling, "Throw the ball at a blue shirt." Five-year-olds love Amelia Bedelia for a reason.

Also, see if you can spot the picture of Tommy dancing. Ever since Emily's wedding he has been practicing his moves, including "break dancing," and he seems to especially like to do this during games. It was hard to adequately capture this because he was moving too much for a picture, but we got one shot of him gearing up for some of his excellent moves.

The little boys enjoyed playing their own game on the sidelines with Daddy (who pulled double-duty as photographer).

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